MitySOM-3359 Alpha Release

This page outlines the release requirements for the MitySOM-3359 Alpha Release.


The MitySOM-3359 Alpha release consists of the following hardware items:

  1. MitySOM-3359 Module
  2. MitySOM-335x Development Kit Baseboard
  3. Power Supply
  4. UART adaptor
  5. Serial Cable (for console port)
  6. installed SD-card with boot image
  7. USB Stick with support software / documentation


The minimum operational requirements for the module hardware include:

  1. System Powers Up to u-Boot
    1. Image should be loaded from installed MMC card
    2. System PLL's should be configured for TBD MHz operation
    3. DDR2 should be properly configured
    4. Factory I2C prom should be read for serial number and MAC address
    5. MMC should be configured
    6. Any PMIC configuration to support full speed operation should be performed
  2. u-Boot ethernet access functional
  3. u-Boot console port function @ 115200 BAUD

The minimum requirements for the installed USB stick include:

  1. A virtualbox appliance image should be provided including
    1. a working ubuntu installation
    2. all native linux tools for building the kernel and application
    3. a copy of the u-Boot software used to create the image
  2. Schematics and Specifications for the Development Kit
  3. Specifications for the SOM
  4. PCB designers guide

For this release, a functioning linux kernel on the target (and sources on the virtualbox image) are not required, but are a goal.

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