Errata and Module Product Change Notifications

This page captures PCN's and known errata related to the MitySOM-5CSx family of system on modules.

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Document Type Document Link Title Release/Update Date
Errata MitySOM-5CSx Errata MitySOM-5CSx System On Module (SOM)
Revision History and Errata
PCN PCN20230308000 Obsolete Low ESL (X2Y) Bypass, Decoupling Capacitor 08-Mar-2023
PCN PCN20170817000 Continuous Improvements - RTC Crystal 17-Aug-2017
PCN PCN20170801000 Continuous Improvements - USB 1-Aug-2017
PCN PCN20160929000 Continuous Improvements - Astd 29-Sep-2016
PCN PCN20160613000 1.8V Switching Frequency 06-Jun-2016
PCN PCN20151019000 USB Reliability Improvements 19-Oct-2015
PCN PCN20150727000 DDR Power Current Sinking and BSEL1 Series Resistor 27-Jul-2015
PCN PCN20150626000 Update Temperature Sensor and LEDs, VBAT Backup, and USB Clock Margin 26-Jun-2015
PCN PCN20140513000 Replace Pre-production Devices and Correct SPI Read Errors, FPGA DDR3 Chip Select, I2C LED Controller 13-May-2014
Errata MitySOM-5CSx Engineering Silicon Errata MitySOM-5CSx System On Module (SOM)
Revision History and Errata

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