Programming FPGA over JTAG

  1. Connect the Debug breakout board that was provided with the Dev kit
  2. Connect the USB Blaster into the breakout board, the red strip should be on the same side as pin one
  3. Open the FPGA programmer provided with Quartus
  4. Make sure that next to the Hardware Setup... button your USB Blaster is displayed
  5. If you do see the USB-Blaster then skip to step 8 if not, click Hardware Setup...
  6. Select the USB-Blaster is selected in the Currently selected hardware drop down, if the USB-Blaster is not there then make sure it is properly installed
  7. Close the Hardware Setup dialog
  8. Click on Auto Detect
  9. If the Select Device pop up appears select the 5CSXFC6C6ES
  10. Right click on the 5CSXFC6C6ES and Change File
  11. Select your projects .sof file
  12. Check the Program/Configure checkbox
  13. Press the Start button and the progress can be seen in the top right corner

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