Upgrading 13.0sp1 projects to 13.1

This guide is meant to help with upgrading the original MitySOM-5CSX project from Quartus 13.0sp1 to 13.1. The main thing thats to be done is for the pin and IO assignments need to be removed then readded. TCL scripts are provided at the bottom of the page to readd the base pin and I/O assignments. If you have changed pin assignments or added new ones you'll need to note these so you can re add them.

  1. Copy the TCL scripts attached to this page to your project directory
  2. Open the project in Quartus 13.1
  3. Open the remove all assignment dialog: Assignments->Remove Assignments...
  4. Select All
  5. Click OK
  6. Regenerate the QSYS project
    Note: If you recieve the error "Error: System.hps_0: Selected device 'Unknown' is not an SoC device. Please choose a valid SoC device to use the Hard Processor System." Set the device in the Project Settings tab. For 5CSX-H6-42A-RC-X the device type is 5CSXFC6C6U23C8ES. For 5CSX-H6-42A-RC the device type is 5CSXFC6C6U23C7.
  7. Run Synthesis in Quartus
  8. Open the TCL Scripts Prompt: Tools->Tcl Scripts...
  9. Run the mityarm_5csx_dev_board/synthesis/submodules/hps_sdram_p0_pin_assignments.tcl script
  10. Now run the provided TCL scripts the same way
  11. Re-add or change any pins that you might have changed for custom implementations
  12. Do full compilation

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