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Yocto is used building u-boot, kernel, and root file system. The site has a nice guide on how to use yocto in order to build these components for the Altera SoCFPGA using the 1.3 release of the yocto filesystem. Check the Quick Start or In depth pages for more details.

If you are interested in building a more recent version of yocto specifically for the MitySOM-5CSX using the mainline yocto source branches, check out our Yocto for MitySOM-5CSX page.

Creating SD Image

In order to create a bootable SD Image you will need a built u-boot, kernel, root filesystem, and preloader. All of these can be built using yocto. The preloader can also be built using the bsp-editor that comes with the Altera tool chain.

The Preloader Notes page at Altera Wiki has detailed information on the layout of any boot devices (SD card, QSPI, ...)

Quick Start has a guide in order to build the image when all components are built using yocto. In order to use the preloader that was built from the Makefile that is produced by the bsp-editor, copy the preloader-mkpimage.bin into the images folder of the yocto build and replace the last command of the guide with:

sudo /opt/altera-linux/bin/ -k uImage,socfpga.dtb -p preloader-mkpimage.bin -b u-boot-socfpga_cyclone5.img -r rootfs -o sd_image_yocto.bin

Once the image is created use dd to get the image onto the card.

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