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Mity CPU Platforms Developer 11/30/2010
Industrial I/O Board Developer 03/15/2011
Analog Expansion Board Developer 10/30/2012
MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products) Developer 11/30/2010
MityDSP-PRO Development Kit Developer 02/21/2013
MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Developer 11/30/2010
MitySBC-Agilex5 Developer 02/02/2024
MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products) Developer 10/26/2011
AM335X Development Kit Developer 02/28/2012
MitySOM+TiWi-BLE Manager, Customer 03/07/2013
MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit Developer 12/15/2016
MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V Developer, Reporter, Customer 02/15/2013
MitySOM-5CSX Baseboard Developer, Customer 04/02/2013
MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Developer's Kit for Basler dart BCON Developer 07/25/2017
MitySOM-A10S Altera Arria 10 Developer 05/06/2018
MitySOM-A5 Developer 06/14/2024
MitySOM-AM57X Developer 01/27/2020
MitySOM-AM62 & MitySOM-AM62A Developer 11/01/2022
MitySOM-C10L Developer 04/04/2022
MitySOM-iMX6 Developer 04/11/2017
MityCAM Vision Cameras Manager, Developer, Marketing 11/30/2010
GenTL Software Reporter, Marketing 06/26/2018
MityCCD Scientific Cameras Manager, Developer 10/06/2010
Redmine Usage Developer 02/21/2012



02:38 PM MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products) Software Development: Difficulty in flashing MLO and U-Boot to the AM3354 with 512MB NAND
Customer states that they are having difficulty flashing MLO and U-Boot into the 3354-GX-X38 module. No issues encou... Omar Rahim


12:40 PM MityCAM Vision Cameras sCMOS_Kit_Hardware_Setup_Guide.pdf
Omar Rahim


10:02 PM MityCCD Scientific Cameras Support: USB driver not responsive after camera is disconnected during acqusition
Customer reports the following issue: If the MityCCD_I51100F is connected to the MityCCD Viewer and then it's discon... Omar Rahim
09:58 PM MityCCD Scientific Cameras Support: RE: Application does not receive callback from hardware trigger input
It's best to avoid making calls to camera DLL functions from within the callback routine. The best approach is to se... Omar Rahim


01:03 PM MityCCD Scientific Cameras Support: RE: MityCCD Camera reports "Missed my noops, aborting"
Could you describe the acquisition cycle (i.e. time line and data captured) and sent over USB? Also, are there any o... Omar Rahim
10:51 AM MityCCD Scientific Cameras Support: MityCCD Camera reports "Missed my noops, aborting"
Customer reports seeing the message "missed my noops, aborting" occasionally when using a Mity CCD-H70310906-BS camer... Omar Rahim
11:17 AM MityCCD Scientific Cameras Support: Application does not receive callback from hardware trigger input
Customer reports that their application does not receive a callback from the camera hardware trigger.
"It's not cl...
Omar Rahim

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