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Added by Scott Whitney over 7 years ago

Hello, I am trying to build the kernel to support EXT4 filesystems. I have downloaded the latest configuration MDK_2012-08-10. I run the menu config with the default config file. The menuconfig displays Linux/arm 3.2.0 Kernel configuration. I add ext4 support and some other usb support I need. I build the image and tftp it onto my mityDSP. The kernel does not recognize the ext4 fs and when I query the kernel version with uname I get:
Linux mityomapl138 2.6.34-rc1-00093-g3e8f54f #367 PREEMPT Wed Nov 30 08:40:12 EST 2011 armv5tejl unknown

This seems wrong. Is there something I am doing wrong in building the kernel? I am doing this on a linux machine that I have previously built an older version of the kernel. thanks, Scott

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RE: kernel build - Added by Thomas Catalino over 7 years ago

Scott may have found the issue ... he is going to verify and re-post ...

RE: kernel build - Added by Scott Whitney over 7 years ago

duh, I guess it helps to execute the instructions you guys post. After tftp'ing the new kernel I would just type boot at the prompt and then boot up the kernel in flash. I was able to get the new kernel to boot this morning. sorry about that, thanks, Scott

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