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Mity CPU Platforms Developer 05/26/2010
Industrial I/O Board Developer 03/15/2011
Analog Expansion Board Developer 10/30/2012
MityDSP (TI TMS320C6xxx Based Products) Developer 05/26/2010
MityDSP-PRO Development Kit Developer 02/21/2013
MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Manager, Developer 05/26/2010
MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products) Developer 10/26/2011
AM335X Development Kit Manager, Developer 02/28/2012
MitySOM+TiWi-BLE Manager, Customer 03/07/2013
MitySOM-335x Maker Transition Kit Developer 12/15/2016
MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V Developer, Reporter, Customer 02/15/2013
MitySOM-5CSX Baseboard Developer, Customer 04/02/2013
MitySOM-5CSX Embedded Vision Developer's Kit for Basler dart BCON Developer 07/25/2017
MitySOM-A10S Altera Arria 10 Developer 05/06/2018
MitySOM-AM57X Developer 01/27/2020
MitySOM-AM62x Developer 11/01/2022
MitySOM-C10L Developer 04/04/2022
MitySOM-iMX6 Developer 04/11/2017
MityCAM Vision Cameras Developer 05/26/2010
GenTL Software Reporter 06/26/2018
MityCCD Scientific Cameras Developer 05/26/2010
Redmine Usage Developer 02/21/2012



06:58 PM MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V Software Development: RE: HPS RGMII EMAC connection to external MAC inference
Thank you for the update, it was great to meet you today!
Thomas Catalino


09:41 PM MitySOM-5CSX Altera Cyclone V PCB Development: RE: Switching MitySOM modules in DevKit
Yes, the development kit is compatible with all modules in the 5CSX/5CSE family Thomas Catalino


07:45 PM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Software Development: RE: MityDSP-L138 Starterware Example Code
Hello -
You may wish to post this on one of the TI forums.
We are unable to support TI development kits.
Thomas Catalino


12:07 AM MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products) PCB Development: RE: 1GHz AM335x
Hi Mark -
The revision "A" silicon from TI refers to silicon revision 2.0. The current revisions use the revision ...
Thomas Catalino


08:13 AM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Software Development: SPI NOR Flash memory map
(posted for a customer)
We are looking at using the SPI flash and/or NOR flash for storing our software on the L13...
Thomas Catalino


03:55 PM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Software Development: RE: SYSBIOS & Starterware
Hi Jean-Baptiste -
It would be my understanding that if you are going to use SYS/BIOS that you should start with ...
Thomas Catalino


02:24 PM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) FPGA Development: RE: Pinout on L138-FG-225-RC
Michele -
Can I ask for a reminder of what that issue is or a pointer to a forum post? I'm unable to locate it at...
Thomas Catalino


06:05 PM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) PCB Development: FPGA Pinouts ... documentation error??
(posted for a customer)
I have purchased one of your MityDsp Development kits to use as a reference platform for...
Thomas Catalino


05:59 PM MityDSP-L138 (ARM9 Based Platforms) Software Development: RE: kernel build
Scott may have found the issue ... he is going to verify and re-post ... Thomas Catalino


10:48 AM MitySOM-335x (ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products) Software Development: Booting StarterWare on MityARM-335x
(posted on behalf of a customer)
We would like to use a simple TI StarterWare based design possibly with SYSBIOS....
Thomas Catalino

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