"Regarding handling UART on MitydspL138F(OMAPL138)"

Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago

Dear sir,

Thanks for your prompt response for our posts

We are looking to program ARM9 processor core (OMAPL138) of MitydspL138F. We have seen in MitydspL138F VDK that two UART's are available but we are not pretty sure which is vailable in VDK linux kernel image.

But our application is like this: we are using this mitydspl138F as sub-module of our entire system. On receiving UART interrupts from other sub-module i have to enter in to developed image processing functions.

So kindly provide any suggestions and document support to achieve this. Thanks in advance

Note: In any of the Wiki files i could find details of UART

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RE: "Regarding handling UART on MitydspL138F(OMAPL138)" - Added by Alexander Block over 6 years ago


The first UART is used for the debug/console port, UART1.

You would like to use the second UART in your DSP/ARM code to trigger some processing to occur correct? On the VDK this would be the J504 connector. I have verified that with the standard VDK Kernel in Linux I could use /ttyS2 (the second UART) so it is enabled in the kernel. This was using a RS232 adapter board hooked to a PC (microcom -s 9600 /dev/ttyS2).

Please confirm if you want the DSP to use the UART or the ARM processor. With that we should be able to dig up an example that may assist you.

Please note that the VDK does not provide an RS232 adapter, what signal levels/device are you planning to interface with?

RE: "Regarding handling UART on MitydspL138F(OMAPL138)" - Added by Naveen K.S over 6 years ago


We are trying to interface Second UART (J504 as you mentioned) with Atmel AtXmega Controller so that upon receiving UART interrupts from it we need to enter in to the developed image processing functions.

Since we were told that you are using (linux OS based) ARM only for peripheral control in vision_frame work, we are planning for ARM processor to use UART. But you only suggest which would be more preferable (via ARM or DSP) for our application and provide example program.

Thanks in advance,

Naveen K.S.

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