EMIF Clock in U-Boot

Added by Benedikt K. over 6 years ago

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I would like to change the EMIF-Clock from 100 MHz to 25 MHz for a MityDSP L138-Module. I searched the u-boot-files but could not find the code where the pll dividers are set. In which file do I have to look?

Am I right, that the emif-clocks are set in the u-boot and linux just keeps them as they are?

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RE: EMIF Clock in U-Boot - Added by Michael Williamson about 6 years ago


I assume you mean the EMIFA clock (to FPGA) not the EMIF clock (used for the DDR).

I am sorry I missed this. I believe the EMIF clock gets initialized in the User Boot Loader (the UBL), a copy of which is included in the board support package. I do not think the uBoot code used in the MityDSP-L138 module alters the EMIFA clock.

You can also change this in the linux kernel as well.


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