MityDSP-L138 CCS 5.5 XDS510

Added by Steve DeLaney over 6 years ago

Hi, I am working with the MityDSP-L138-FI-236-RL target and could use some help to get our XDS510 debugger configured.

The XDS510 is enumerated OK on Windows. I used it before on a different project under CCS3.3
on the same laptop. Now bringing it up on a CCS5.x project for MityDSP-L138.

I checked for drivers included in the CCS5.x install

Program Files/Texas Instruments/CCS55/ccsv5/ccs_base/emulation/drivers


driver files include

Thanks for any ideas.


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RE: MityDSP-L138 CCS 5.5 XDS510 - Added by Alexander Block over 6 years ago

Update after phone call with customer:

1) Created a new project that was able to run a "Hello World" sample application on the ARM processor through the XDS510 emulator. Initially the debug download was failing however that was because the unit was booted into Linux and the ARM was not in reset, stopped the module in UBoot and was able to connect and execute the application.

2) After we confirmed that CCS had the proper drivers and the emulator worked we compared the settings in the project that the customer was provided. We determined that the debug adapter settings needed to be set through the project "debug" properties dialog in order to allow the XDS510 to be used properly by CCS; editing the XML did not work.

The original issue appears to be resolved and was the cause appears to be the configuration of the debug emulator from the third-party that provided the sample application.

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