Increasing Memory RAM

Added by Jesus Alejandro Alvarez Trejo over 3 years ago

Hello Good day,

I am working with the MitySOM-1810F PROFIBUS Development kit, I saw the technical characteristics of the ARM9 microprocessor and I know it has 90 MB of RAM MEMORY.
I need at least 400 mb of RAM MEMORY for my application, so I am wondering if:

  • Is there some way to increase the RAM MEMORY?
  • How much I can increase of RAM MEMORY?

Thank you for your time



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RE: Increasing Memory RAM - Added by Alexander Block over 3 years ago


To begin with can you confirm the module model number you are utilizing specifically? I.e. 1810-DG-225-RC

Unfortunately the AM1810/OMAP-L138 family of processors is limited to a maximum of memory space of 256MByte as shown in the processor datasheet Section 6.11 ( or ( We do have modules available that feature the maximum supported 256MB RAM size.

Can you please provide some details about your specific design requirement and goals? We'd like to see if we can find an alternative solution to needing such a large amount of physical RAM, i.e. can some other storage type be used on the module or carrier board to meet your goals.



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