MityDSP-L138 ARM Bare Metal Development - Code Composer Studio 7

Added by Rik Anderson almost 4 years ago


I am trying to create a bare metal application for the MityDSP-L138 ARM9 processor using Code Composer Studio 7.

I have an XDS100v3 emulator.

I have created an OMAP hello world application using code composer studio but I am unable to run or debug this. I have tried using some of the gel files from the starterware but I never seem to get to main.

Also I noticed the hello world application does not have any startup code to create a stand alone application.

Please can you provide a simple bare metal application that I can debug and load as a starting point for my application? (and so instructions on how to use it?)



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RE: MityDSP-L138 ARM Bare Metal Development - Code Composer Studio 7 - Added by Michael Williamson almost 4 years ago

Hi Rik,

Have you seen this Starterware wiki page?

A while back we had a couple of engineers here get some of the basic Starterware applications working for the OMAP-L138 (with CCS 5 I think), but didn't go too far as nearly all of our customers needed a higher level OS for their final application. This should get you the basics of the low level differences between our SOMs and the reference kits from TI.

The hello world example is probably for a linux OS system.

If you need more support, I would shoot a note. They may be able to get additional resources here to help out if you get stuck.


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