Use of DAC904E

Added by Vivek Ponnani almost 3 years ago


We have been testing our own inhouse carrier board with MityDSP OMPAL138F module. The inhouse carrier board had the ADC and DAC suggested in the Analog Expansion board. We find that we do not need the dual channel DAC and we wish to use the a new DAC904E (Single Channel). The schematics and PCB layout is almost done. I would like to know if there are any changes to be made at software level for incorporating the new DAC? Will there be any changes to be done in FPGA, DSP software and linux driver level softwares?

Looking forward to a quick and a positive reply.

Vivek Ponnani

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RE: Use of DAC904E - Added by Bob Duke almost 3 years ago


We have not done any development with the DAC904E. It may be possible to use the current code in a single channel mode, but you will need to review the datasheet carefully.

Our design files, with full source code (and VHDL), are available on our support site:

We may be able to help you integrate your design via a support contract if that would be useful to you.



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