Virtual Box aborts

Added by Thomas Catalino over 10 years ago

(posted on behalf of a customer)

I have installed the “mityarm-335x_SDK.ovf” on to the Linux machine with the help of VM Virtual box software and started running the same.

While trying to compile the kernel located at “Home/projects/linux-mityarm-335x”, connection to Virtual box is getting aborted and in turn the compilation process. Even simple tar command to compress kernel also creating the same problem.
I have changed the settings to avoid screen saver and display turn off in case it has an effect.

Could you please let me know any further settings need to be done?

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RE: Virtual Box aborts - Added by Tim Iskander over 10 years ago

Check that the correct version virtualbox guest additions are installed in the VM (the one that is included would most likely be for an older version) and that the virtualbox extension pack is installed in the VirtualBox app itself.
The guest additions can be installed using the Devices menu in the VirtualBox session window.
The extension pack is available for download from

Is the host machine running linux too? What are the details on the host PC?

RE: Virtual Box aborts - Added by Raja Vankam over 10 years ago

Host machine is running on Ubuntu 10.04. I have downloaded the extensions properly and able to run the virtual machine.

I figured out it as a problem with memory allocated to virtual box and after adjusting it problem of aborting is solved.


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