Ethernet using RGMII2

Added by Raja Vankam over 9 years ago


We are planning to use ethernet for mounting the filesystem on the network and to connect to the device over ethernet.
Is this possible with the pin mux configuration mentioned in Evalboard? Configuration used is: gpmc_a0.rgmii2_tctl..etc.

Can I try booting the system from ethernet? As I see, there is only EMAC1 is available through boot configurations.

Could you please give me some guidance on this how to proceed and configure.


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RE: Ethernet using RGMII2 - Added by Tim Iskander over 9 years ago

You can certainly load the kernel and mount the root filesystem over the network on the dev board, we do it all the time.
What you can't do (on the dev board) is boot completely over the network (i.e. have the ROM bootloader load u-boot over the network).
You are correct that the ROM bootloader will only boot from EMAC 1 and the dev board is connected to EMAC 2.

We have done this on our test fixture board, although it requires quite a few modifications to u-boot to get it going (as well as the correct layout on the board).


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