Connecting JTAG to Mity Som335x

Added by Arjun k 11 months ago


I have tried connecting JTAG XDS100V2 to the Mitysom 335 evaluation board. Changed the boot options to give first boot option as XIP.

While configuring Code Composer CCS10.1 and target configuration section, which .gel file i need to select. Tried selecting TI AM335x gel file but no help. Not able to connect to the target.

I am not sure whether to post this to TI support or here.

Have tried connecting this JTAG to the eval board.

Appreciate your response.

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RE: Connecting JTAG to Mity Som335x - Added by Jonathan Cormier 11 months ago

I don't believe we ever created a gel file for the MitySOM-335x. We rely on u-boot to configure the RAM and clocks. So side loading over JTAG isn't supported. With some work, you could extract the ram timings from u-boot and modify a TI 335x gel file though I'm not sure of the usage.

If you want to debug u-boot or Linux with JTAG, I have successfully done so using these instructions in the past.

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