Alternative for MM70-314-310B1-1-R300

Added by Eike Feldmeier 10 months ago

Has anyone an alternative for the MM70-314-310B1-1-R300 since it is no longer availible. I have parts under the SOM i need a higher version like the original one.

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RE: Alternative for MM70-314-310B1-1-R300 - Added by Alexander Block 10 months ago

We actually have a detailed Wiki page ( that covers a number of the alternate connectors that are compatible with the MitySOM-5CSx module families.

The new recommended component from JAE is the MM70-314-B1-2-R300.
  • Same height as the original
  • Has 314 contacts loaded instead of the 310 for the original
  • The footprint for the 314 pin version would be slightly different as there are the 4 extra pins
    • These extra pins are not needed on the SOM and can be left as no connects and/or tied accordingly as shown in the Wiki page

Please let us know if you have any further questions,


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