DSP/BIOS project unresolved symbols

Added by Silvano Bertoldo about 8 years ago

Dear all,

I have a problem with Code Composer 6 and my DSP/BIOS project (called "quadra").
I have a first file (called "main.cpp") with the main() and a reference to a simple empty function defined in "pippuzzo.h" and called _dataIO().
The function _dataIO() is reported in the file "pippuzzo.cpp".

When I try to compile I get the followinf error:
#10234-D unresolved symbols remain quadra C/C++ Problem
unresolved symbol _dataIO(), first referenced in ./main.obj quadra C/C++ Problem

It is like that it compile the file main.cpp but not the file pippuzzo.cpp which is located in the same folder.
It seems to be a simple problem but I am stuck here beacuse I need to realize, if possible, a DSP/BIOS project using the library provided in the SigProc dir of the MDK.

Attached you can find all my files and also the .tcf file if it helps.

Thanks in advance.


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