MitySOM-5CSX Embedded VDK for Basler dart BCON Camera


The MitySOM-5CSX Embedded VDK for Basler dart BCON cameras provides an embedded vision processing platform for design engineers seeking to use the Basler dart BCON series of embedded cameras. The kit provides a baseboard that can support reading up to 2 cameras simultaneously.

Useful Links

Getting Started Guides

Single Color Camera Users Guide
Dual Monochrome Camera Users Guide

Software Development

GitHub Yocto Meta Layers
GitHub ARM Software
CL Git Linux 3.16 Kernel
ARM SW Architecture and Demo App
Firmware Downloads and Revision History
Setting Up A Build Environment

FPGA Development

GitHub FPGA Example Projects
Single Color Camera FPGA Architecture
Dual Monochrome Camera FPGA Architecture

Hardware Information

Known Issues and Errata
Dev Kit Baseboard Schematic and Revision Information

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