80211 WiFi Usage and Configuration

Critical Link TiWi based 802.11 and Bluetooth Adapter

This adapter has been verified to be functional with the MitySOM-335x Development Kit. For details concerning the use of this module please see our MitySOM-335x Development Kit WiFi page here:

Commercial Temperature Rated USB Adapters

Currently we have verified the following USB WiFi adapters:

Brand Model Wireless Chipset Chipset Brand Kernel Version USB Port SoM Verified/Tested Temp Range
TPLink TL-WN727N RT2870sta RALink 3.2.0 2.0 3359 Yes 0C to 40C

Wireless Transfer Statistics

Please visit the MityARM-335x WiFi Statistics wiki page to view results from throughput testing of the mentioned adapters.

Using the AM335X Development kit as a Wireless Access Point

AM335X Modules with built-in wifi

The dash R2 (-R2) modules have an LSR Wl1271 TiWi module built in. The tiwi is connected to the SDIO bus via MMC 1. It also uses uart1 for the bluetooth connection.
The following pins are used:
  • Pin 93 - gpmc_ad8.mmc1_dat0
  • Pin 95 - gpmc_ad9.mmc1_dat1
  • Pin 97 - gpmc_ad10.mmc1_dat2
  • Pin 99 - gpmc_ad11.mmc1_dat3
  • Pin 111 - gpmc_csn2.mmc1_cmd
  • Pin 113 - gpmc_csn1.mmc1_clk
  • Pin 173 - uart1_rxd.uart1_rxd
  • Pin 175 - uart1_txd.uart1_txd
  • Pin xxx - uart1_ctsn.uart1_ctsn
  • Pin xxx - uart1_rtsn.uart1_rtsn
  • Pin 101 - gpmc_ad12.gpio1_12
  • Pin 103 - gpmc_ad13.gpio1_13
  • Pin 94 - gpmc_csn3.gpio2_0
    The kernel config option MITYARM335X_TIWI selects this configuration.

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