ARM Cortex-A8 Based Product Support

Support is included for the MitySOM-335X System on Module (SOM). See The MitySOM-335x Product webpage for a top level summary of this platform.

MitySOM-335x WiFi and BLE Module

In addition, many of the concepts and procedures used on the ARM-9 based platforms are applicable to the Cortex-A8 platform (with a little tweaking for architecture and toolchain differences). Critical Link maintains a wiki for our ARM-9 based products here...


Software Design

Linux Operating System

Please use our Quick Start guide to configure your environment: MitySOM-335x Quick Start Guide

The current MDK (Mity Development Kit) for this module is an extension the TI Processor SDK. The MDK is created using Yocto and includes a cross-compiler environment along with Kernel, U-Boot, and filesystem binaries. In general, we recommend using Ubuntu Linux distribution for development. Using a older, but still supported, LTS release is usually the best choice.

Downloads of Critical Link maintained packages can be found under the "Files" tab or directly at: Also, larger files (including source code for the MDK Yocto build) are available at

Other Linux Topics

Throughput Testing

LCD, Graphics and Touchscreen


Other Peripherals

Windows EC Operating Systems

Windows EC 2013 Windows EC 2007 (Deprecated)

Older MDK Documentation

Hardware Design



Other Design Considerations

Frequently Asked Questions

Reference Material

A large portion of the software has been developed using information from the sites listed below:

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