Booting Win CE from SD Card

Make sure the Dev Kit (or other carrier board) is set to boot from the SD card. On the dev kit this is done by using the following jumper setting for the "Boot Config" headers [0 to 11]: 000100000000

1) Insert a Win EC7 configured SD card (Flashing EBoot and OS Files to SD Card) into the MitySOM-335x Development carrier board
2) Connect the HDMI/DVI cable to a supported display.
3) Connect a NULL modem serial cable to the J507 DB9 connector and to your computer.
4) Open a HyperTerminal (or TeraTerm) connection to the COM port connected to the device.
5) Set the port's settings to a baud of 115200 with no flow control, no parity and 8 bits.
6) Turn on the board.
7) In the Console window, press space when it asks to break into the bootloader menu (5 seconds).
8) Press [2] to enter the boot device menu.
9) Press [1] to boot from SD card.
10) Press [4] to enter the network menu.
11) Press [2] and disable KITL if it isn't already.
12) Press [9] and enable OAL messages if they aren't already.
13) Press [7] and save these settings.

Note that currently the settings are not saved and need to be configured on each boot cycle, this will be addressed shortly

13) Press [0] to boot the board

Within 5 to 10 seconds you should see the Windows EC7 Desktop shown on your monitor. If you see a series of horizontal and vertical lines than it is likely that your configuration settings are not correct.

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