MitySOM-335X Architecture

MItySOM-335x Block Diagram DDR2-DDR3

The MitySOM-335x module can support up to 3 Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) ports.
  • I2C0 [ Edge connector ]
  • No pull-up resistors on module
  • No pre-defined uses
  • I2C1 [ Edge connector ]
  • Pull-up reistors installed on module
  • Factory configuration EEPROM (address 1010XXXb - hex 0x50 to 0x57)
  • PMIC SmartReflex interface(address 0101101b - hex 0x12)
  • I2C2 [Not available on the edge connector]
  • PMIC Peripheral interface(address 0010010b - hex 0x2D)
The MitySOM-335x module can support up to 2 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) ports:
  • SPI0 [ Edge Connector ]
  • No pre-defined uses
  • SPI1 [ Edge Connector ]
  • Modules WITH NOR memory use SPI1 CS0 for the NOR, CS1 is available
  • Modules without the NOR memory have both CS0 and CS1 available.

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