MitySOM-335x Quick Start Guide

1. Install the latest MDK Release:

The Yocto MDK is released as a self-extracting installer for Linux systems.
  • Download the current release from the Files tab of this support site:
  • Open a shell and run the self-extracting installer. It may be necessary to mark the file as executable.
    chmod +x
  • Select the installation directory and complete the installation. The default location is /opt/criticallink/mitysom-335x_XXXX.
2. Install the git-core and subversion applications:
  • Open a Terminal window on the host machine
  • Run the command, or one appropriate for your machine: sudo apt-get install git-core subversion
  • After the install is finished reboot the machine

3. Building an example application

  • Source the toolchain
    source /opt/criticallink/mitysom-335x_DATE/environment-setup-XXXcriticallink-linux-gnueabi
  • Replace your usual gcc/g++ command with the cross compile equivalent
  • All the cross compile tools can be found in: /opt/criticallink/mitysom-335x_DATE/sysroots/i686-clsdk-linux/usr/bin/arm-criticallink-linux-gnueabi/

4. Basic Makefile

Note: Sourcing the toolchain will set the CC environment variable to the correct value

Makefile: The $(CC) line must have one tab for proper Makefile syntax.

HelloWorld: HelloWorld.c
     $(CC) -o HelloWorld HelloWorld.c

5. Next steps:

After booting the SD card included with the MitySOM-335x Development Kit, it is recommended that you try rebuilding U-Boot and the Linux kernel in order to verify that your environment is configured correctly.

You can also update the filesystem on your SD card:

If you are planning to do Qt development, please use this guide to setup your environment:

Useful Links

Critical Link's AM335x Wiki page - This page has an ever expanding base of knowledge that is updated regularly by our engineers
Critical Link Support Site - The main Critical Link Support Website

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