Mounting and Mechanical Supports

Mounting Hole Location

The image below shows the dimensions needed to accurately place the mounting holes on your carrier board if you intend to use extra mechanical support to hold the module down. Note that these dimensions are in reference to the center of Pin 1 of the connector PCB footprint.

Mounting Hardware

Section 5.3 of the "MitySOM-335x Carrier Board Design Guide" contains informational text about both mounting hole locations as well as recommended mounting hardware. However here is the current breakdown of the hardware that is suggested from that document and pricing from McMaster-Carr (

1) Qty. 1, Standoff, 4-40, M-F, P/N: 93505A101; Price = $0.44 ea
2) Qty. 1, Screw, 4-40 x 1/4", P/N: 90272A106; Price = $1.36/100
3) Qty. 1, Washer, Flat, No. 4, P/N: 90126A505; Price = $1.09/100
4) Qty. 2, Washer, Lock, No. 4, P/N: 91102A720; Price = $0.64/100
5) Qty. 1, Nut, 4-40, P/N: 90480A005; Price = $0.81/100

Mounting Hardware Installation Order

As follows (top down):

Lock Washer
Flat Washer
M-F Standoff
Carrier Board PCB
Lock Washer

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