Change List (2018 April MDK Release)

Root File System Changes

  • Removed ltp (Linux Test Project) packages.
  • Added PVR kernel module

Kernel Changes

  • Add FIT source.
  • Unified SOM variant device trees. There's now one device tree for all SOM variants.
    Note: This new device tree only works with the 2018 April MDK U-Boot. Older MDK U-Boot releases will not work.

U-Boot Changes

  • Added FDT system configuration. U-Boot will now fix-up the device tree on boot.
    These fix-ups are applied based on the SOM's NAND and NOR configuration. The fix-ups are located in the device tree. See the device tree includes, am335x-mitysom-<NAND size>.dtsi and am335x-mitysom-NOR.dtsi, in the kernel source.

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