Supported Video Resolutions

Currently our kernel supports the following video resolutions/LCD displays:

Generic Resolutions
  • 1280x768
  • 1024x768
  • 800x600
  • 640x480
Specific LCD Panel Support
  • Sharp_LCD035Q3DG01
    • 320x240
  • Sharp_LK043T1DG01
    • 480x272
  • TFC_S9700RTWV35TR_01B
    • 800x480

If verification of a resolution or settings is necessary it can be found in our git-repository under the "/linux-mityarm-335x/drivers/video/" directory and in the da8xx-fb.c file.

Setting video resolution in UBoot environment variables to be passed to kernel

It is necessary to specify a resolution/panel in UBoot when a video display is desired. To do this follow the steps outlined below substituting one of the resolutions/panels as written from above in the "mode=" portion of the "optargs" parameter.

1) With the serial port connected from the MitySOM-335x Dev Kit to your PC "break" into UBoot during the 3-second window
2) Enter the following command in UBoot

setenv optargs video=da8xx:bpp=16,mode=1280x768

3) Then save the environment change


4) You can then reset the module which will now cause it to use the new resolution

Enable DVI/HDMI Output of TFP410 IC on Dev Boards

In order for the DVI/HDMI output to function the TFP410 IC needs to be reset using the following environment variable set from UBoot:

config_dvi=i2c dev 1;i2c mw 38 8 3d; i2c mw 38 33 0

This is usually called from the "bootcmd" parameter by using "run config_dvi;" within the boot parameter line.

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