NAND Throughput

Throughput testing was performed to determine loading speeds from different types of media to RAM and then from RAM to NAND.

Note that NAND read testing is TBD at this time.

RAM to NAND - UBoot
1186 KBytes/sec Average

RAM to NAND - UBoot w/ 'dcache on' and 'nandecc hw 2'
1743 KBytes/sec Average

NAND write in Linux from MMC/SD card direct
2557 KBytes/sec Average

Example UBoot Commands

ERASE RAM: mw.b 0x82000000 0xff 0x5000000
ERASE NAND: nand erase 0x00780000 0x05000000
WRITE NAND: nand write 0x82000000 0x00780000 $filesize
DCACHE ON: dcache on
NAND ECC: nandecc hw 2

Example Linux Commands

ERASE NAND: flash_eraseall /dev/mtd8
WRITE NAND: nand write -p /dev/mtd0 ./root.jffs2

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