AM335x 3.2 Kernel - mityarm-linux-v3.2;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/mityarm-linux-v3.2

Branched from tag v3.2_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.07 -;a=tag;h=1e56e9d10934fa630172a73c6aefc031808b3547
This has now been merged up through tag v3.2_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.11 -;a=commit;h=19df1b5a3b5059fedebc19f3d51e1cdef6647492

TI branched from 3.2.0 release

Known Issues

Power management firmware file required to be put into kernel 'firmware' folder before compiling kernel

Boot messages seen on boot as of 4/8/2013 that weren't present with 3.1 kernel. Still investigating..

[    0.077850] omap_hwmod: gfx: failed to hardreset
[    0.098541] omap_hwmod: pruss: failed to hardreset
[    0.698822] _regulator_get: deviceless supply vdd_vlcd not found, using dummy regulator
[    0.749206] mux: Failed to setup hwmod io irq -22
[    0.755004] omap_hwmod: wkup_m3: wkup_m3: hwmod data error: OMAP4 does not support st_shift

[   10.074493] Unhandled fault: external abort on non-linefetch (0x1018) at 0x402bc014 Bus error


  • Added large page nand support. Support for nand >= 512MB. CONFIG_NAND_MITYARM_LARGE_PAGE_SUPPORT has to be enabled for these larger nands. Must be disabled for smaller nands.
  • Cherry-picked changes to support 800Mhz pg2.1 silicon available in new HX soms

10/25/2013: Commit 97c0cac608

  • Added model number parsing.
  • Removed config CONFIG_NAND_MITYARM_LARGE_PAGE_SUPPORT. This will be auto detected using model number.
  • NOR will no longer be initialized if the som doesn't have one. This has the unfortunate side effect of renumbering the mtd device nodes. Instead of mtd1 being the first nand partition it becomes mtd0. Reverted in later commit.
  • Enabled HIGHMEM for 1GB SOMs

11/14/2013: Commit: e3794df7258

  • Resolved known issue: [Demo Kit] ti-tsc touch screen driver isn't detecting touch events

11/20/2013: Commit: 89775c8b5

  • Merged ubifs backported patches
  • Fixed mtd nand partition numbering regression mentioned in above commit: 97c0cac608

12/10/2013: Commit: 7fae5333

  • Fixed a bug where sleeps could be off by 4%. PMIC was using internal clock which was being fed to the arm, this clock doesn't have the tolerance needed for accurate timings. Patch switched the PMIC to use the external 32kHz crystal clock.

01/10/2014: Commit: 3c4aa5c0

  • Fixed a bug which dropped the last two bytes of a 16 byte message through RS485. Increased the time until timeout to allow all 16 bytes to transfer before the TxE line was set low.

04/08/2014: Commit: 39c0cd6e

  • Change ti touchscreen driver to compile as module as it causes a lot of interrupts even when no touchscreen is attached.

05/22/2014: Commit: f2b051644 ... 9cc6900

  • Added support for micrel phy KSZ9031. Ported phy driver from mainline kernel. Set Phy address to be autodiscovered.

06/12/2014: Commit: a97f8f1b2b

  • Modified to add OTG support for the kernel on both USB ports. Fixing issue where mass storage devices would not operate when the port was in host mode.

07/09/2014: Commit: e53da3cd

  • Add support for 1GB nand

12/19/2014: Commit: d5fec77beb ... 6c32ff7c8f

  • Fix Section mismatches in board and baseboard files.
  • Add TiWi module support. Added mityarm-335x-tiwi-devkit_defconfig.

04/08/2015: First commit marked by mitysom_AM335XPSP_04.06.00.07 tag. Last Commit: b10682e17

  • Updated to TI's AM335XPSP_04.06.00.11 3.2 kernel
  • Fixed MMC2 interface initialization for baseboard WiFi module - bf74d3095e

09/02/2015: 4a30e499c

  • da8xx-fb: Remove incorrect pixel clock calculation


  • 53268cc Enable other cpu freq governors and set ondemand as default
  • a65bde1 Only build tlv320aic26 audio codec to reduce kernel size (3.56MB -> 3.31MB)
  • a0e4f5e Disable tps65910_rtc suspend to prevent kernel crash
  • f74df0b Fix suspend/resume null pointer exception
  • f13e598 Fix setting intensity to 0. Previously was unable to blank backlight

10/21/2015: a6c813b8

  • Fix for DDR3 mem sleep "echo mem > /sys/power/state". Requires hardware mods.

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