AM335x 2013.10 U-boot;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/u-boot-2013.10

Branched from tag v2013.10 -;a=commit;h=183acb700378a8cfc5d50a01a65de93fb2c24586

Known Issues

7/9/2014: Commit 93e4ee2fd

  • Added support for 1GB nand with new build target mityarm335x_1gb_nand

7/9/2014: Commit 82762ccd

  • Fixed support for SPI nor on some of our SOMs

12/19/2014: Commit 0807e45 ... 449b01a4

  • mitysom335x: Update factory config block parsing from the kernel
  • mitysom335x: Add support for tiwi module. Modules that end in -R2 and -BLE. Moved tps65910_ctl_bus from 2 to 1 for tiwi modules.

2/4/2015: Commit 16af448

  • Improve network speed

05/28/2015: Commit bc92df741 ... ed374e1d

  • mitysom335x: Disable do_switch_ecc when no NAND support
  • mitysom335x: Fix mmc1 pinmux. Pullups required
  • mtd_spi: Add S25FL164K_64K
  • mitysom335x: Add spi0cs0 boot

08/26/2015: Commit 8c06fad2

  • mitysom335x: Add support for raw initrd booting. This was needed to support booting the beaglebones debian filesystem.

10/15/2015: Commit ffd3fcf4 ... b019bb2f9

  • mitysom335x: Add board configuration for USB boot.
  • mitysom335x: Enable SPL support for USB RNDIS boot.
  • mitysom335x: Initialize USB PHY in network boot SPL...
  • mitysom335x: Default bootcommand for network boot image...
  • mitysom335x: Change default network boot order.

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