Reg. JTAG Reset and SD Card connection

Added by ABDUL SALAM about 12 years ago

As per the Mity carrier board design
1, the NRST of JTAG connector is permanently low,that means it is always in reset mode
Pls confirm.
2.No Pull-up resistor in SD Data lines and CMD line, Please confirm this also.

Kindly do the needful

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RE: Reg. JTAG Reset and SD Card connection - Added by Michael Williamson about 12 years ago

Hi Salam,

Thanks for the comments.

1. There is a 10K pull down on the JTAG Reset line so that the JTAG interface is held in reset in the absence of a JTAG emulator connection. The emulator should pull the signal high when it is connected. This is consistent with the TI EVM for the AM335x (though they use a 4.7K instead of a 10K)

2. The AM335x does include (in the SOC) internal pull up resistors on the I/O pads which are being used in the kernel and the u-Boot software. Externals should be OK as well, but I do not think that they are required. We'll double check.


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