Reg. JTAG Reset and SD Card connection

Added by ABDUL SALAM over 9 years ago

As per the Mity carrier board design
1, the NRST of JTAG connector is permanently low,that means it is always in reset mode
Pls confirm.
2.No Pull-up resistor in SD Data lines and CMD line, Please confirm this also.

Kindly do the needful

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RE: Reg. JTAG Reset and SD Card connection - Added by Michael Williamson over 9 years ago

Hi Salam,

Thanks for the comments.

1. There is a 10K pull down on the JTAG Reset line so that the JTAG interface is held in reset in the absence of a JTAG emulator connection. The emulator should pull the signal high when it is connected. This is consistent with the TI EVM for the AM335x (though they use a 4.7K instead of a 10K)

2. The AM335x does include (in the SOC) internal pull up resistors on the I/O pads which are being used in the kernel and the u-Boot software. Externals should be OK as well, but I do not think that they are required. We'll double check.


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