MityARM standard-keyed vs. reverse-keyed SO-DIMM connector

Added by Ali Asgar Sohanghpurwala over 11 years ago

The MityARM design guide suggests an SO-DIMM connector with a standard keying. We have built our board with a reverse-key connector, is there any harm in installing the MityARM into a reverse-keyed connector with the OMAP facing downwards?


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RE: MityARM standard-keyed vs. reverse-keyed SO-DIMM connector - Added by Michael Williamson over 11 years ago

We have not tested such a configuration, so I don't really know. If the electrical connections honor the spec, then the only immediate concerns I would have include:

  1. Clearance. The top side has a couple of components that are taller than the bottom side connectors. You'll know right away if it fits.
  2. Thermal issues. Some heat generated by the DDR and the AM335X is dissipated on the top side of the chips. You will certainly have less airflow (from convection anyway) in this configuration. If you are operating near the edges of the thermal specs, I would advise testing the configuration in a chamber or adding some airflow, or reducing the clock rates. We have tested performance in ambient across temperature with the DevKit with the module mounted in a standard connector.


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