Caution on MityARM SO-DIMM PCB Footprint

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The PCB footprint found in section 6.5 of the MityARM-335x Carrier Board Design Guide can be misleading if you are not careful. This footprint (which is an exact copy of the footprint found on the JAE MM80-204B1-E1 data sheet) kind of implies that the connector pins are centered around the "Connector Center Line". In fact they are not and if you look carefully in the picture you can see the even numbered row of pins are slightly skewed from the odd numbered row of pins. What is missing is a dimension to the even and odd numbered rows from the center line.

If you go back to the JAE data sheet and look at the PCB footprint for the MM80-204B1-1 (which is a lower profile version of MM80-204B1-E1), this dimension is included. From this footprint, pin 1 should be centered 31.65mm from the Connector Center Line and pin 2 should be centered 31.35mm from the Connector Center Line.

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RE: Caution on MityARM SO-DIMM PCB Footprint - Added by Alexander Block over 11 years ago


Thank you for pointing out that lack of information. It has now been addressed and the design guide has been updated, October 1, 2012 1.2 version.

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