1GHz AM335x

Added by Anonymous about 11 years ago

TI added 800 MHz and 1 GHz operating points in the latest data sheet for Rev A or newer AM335x processors along with support for 400 MHz DDR3 memories.

Will the latest revs of the MityARM SOM be able to support these faster frequencies?
  • Does the TPS65910 PMIC design support the added current needed on the VDD_MPU bus for the 1GHz operation (i.e. ~ 1A)?
  • Does the PCB routing and DDR3 device on the MitARM SOM support 400 MHz clock speeds?

Is Critical Link planning on providing code to support these faster frequencies and if so, when could we expect this capability?

Thank you for any info.

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RE: 1GHz AM335x - Added by Michael Williamson about 11 years ago

Hi Mike Mark (sorry),

Couple of comments.

  • The PMIC should support the higher current (specs range from 1A max up to 1.5 A if I read the spec from TI correctly).
  • The PCB routing should support 400 MHz, but we would need to test that before we could commit to it. I think we are currently running at 303 MHz, but I need to double check that. We matched the routing pretty well, so I expect that the 400 MHz will be OK.

Keep in mind that the higher speed grade parts require a different CPU part number on our BOM (and I expect will bump up the price a bit... looks like a $4 adder for the 1G vs. the 800), and should really not be overclocked to these newer speeds. We are currently building with 720 MHZ parts. The newer speed grade 1 GHz part doesn't appear to be available yet at least for the 3359 and the 3354, but the 800 MHz is and I think we are migrating to that soon as I think the price is the same. If you need a specific configuration with the higher speed processor, you should contact our sales guys and ensure that we are adding a variant to provide the configuration you need (CPU speed, NAND, RAM, etc.).

I am certain that we will add options for the faster speed grade parts, but we may not offer every combination out of the chute without some feedback (and orders?). Our sales and marketing guys would be able to answer this.


RE: 1GHz AM335x - Added by Thomas Catalino about 11 years ago

Hi Mark -

The revision "A" silicon from TI refers to silicon revision 2.0. The current revisions use the revision 1.0 silicon from TI. Revision 2.0 silicon was not made available outside of TI. Revision 2.1 silicon is just now becoming available, I believe with a lead time, so we do not have product based on it.

We will be supporting 1GHz. You may have noticed, as Mike pointed out, that TI is not going to produce the new speed grade for all variants of the AM335x, for example, it may not be produced for the AM3359, but will be available on the AM3354 and AM3352, for example.

Let us know how we can help you further, for example, how soon might you require 1GHz?


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