24bit LCD and Wifi module

Added by Andrey Kuznetsov over 10 years ago

Is it possible to use GPMC_AD8 to GPMC_AD15 pins to drive 24bit LCD and install/run WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with Bluetooth Expansion Kit at the same time?

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RE: 24bit LCD and Wifi module - Added by Michael Williamson over 10 years ago

Not using the Development kit. Those pins are needed for the MMC / SDIO interface for the Bluetooth device as the pinmux options are selected.

It may be possible on your own custom board. The expansion kit needs an MMC / SDIO interface, and the AM335x provides several interfaces with different pin-mux options that you might use. If you can select an alternate MMC device or pin-mux options and stay clear of the pins needed for the 16-24 bits of the LCD interface, then it should be OK.

It will require some modification to the kernel code in order to set up the device properly, but it is likely doable.

If you download the pixmux utility from TI, it will tell you the theoretical combinations to get you what you need. There are some restrictions on our module, but not too many.


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