Note on MM70-314-310B2-1-R500

Added by Lucas Uecker 11 months ago

Dropping a note that when I was ordering parts for our carrier board prototypes, I wound up ordering the JAE MM70-314-310B2-1-R500 instead of the MM70-314-310B1-1-R300, figuring that the prior was an obsoleted item and that it would hold us over until the latter was back in stock. Turns out the key difference is that the MM70-314-310B2-1-R500 is much shorter than the MM70-314-310B1-1-R300 and I was in a pickle. I wound up putting no components under the module beyond pin 237 or so and having a 9.6x6mm hole in the PCB from pin 33 down to accommodate C76 on the module just in case. Turns out it does seem to work, though certainly not preferred.

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RE: Note on MM70-314-310B2-1-R500 - Added by Daniel Vincelette 11 months ago

Oh wow! Thank you for the note Lucas!


RE: Note on MM70-314-310B2-1-R500 - Added by Eike Feldmeier 10 months ago

Has anyone an alternative for the MM70-314-310B1-1-R300 since it is no longer availible. I have parts under the SOM i need a higher version like the original one.

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