Power supply requirements

Added by Thomas Catalino over 12 years ago

(posted on behalf of a customer)

In design guide (for the MityARM-335x) page 12 section 3.1 power supply requirements are given but no indicative current. Can you give me ball park on this.

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RE: Power supply requirements - Added by Alexander Block over 12 years ago


Here are a couple power usage numbers I was able to gather with a 3.3V input voltage to a MityARM-3359 module:

Measured a low usage, Linux only no demo or other applications, power usage of 760mW.
Measured a high usage, Demo Application displaying 3D demo on HDMI display, power usage of 1580mW

Please reference for more details and future power usage updates for the 335x line of SoM's

Alex Block

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