VSC8601/VSC8641 PHY Discontinued

Added by Michael Karasoff about 11 years ago

Vitesse just announced the VSC8601/VSC8641 part will be discontinued. Are there alternative PHYs that can be used?

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RE: VSC8601/VSC8641 PHY Discontinued - Added by Michael Williamson about 11 years ago

Hi Michael,

Yes, we have also seen this notification. It doesn't look like there is a drop-in replacement in the same package / footprint available, though we have only started investigating the problem.

Vitesse's product notification does identify parts (e.g., VSC8211XVW) that should work in the design, but a PCB change will likely be required.

Pretty much any Gigabit PHY supporting the RGMII standard (with the proper VIO voltage levels) should work.

Our hardware engineers will be looking at this issue shortly, and someone at CL will follow up with what will be doing for our Development Kit.

This is unfortunate news.


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