MitySOM-5CSX Development Status

This table summarizes the current development status of the pre-production MitySOM-5CSX modules.

This is a high-level summary of the testing status of each component/peripheral available on the Critical Link 5CSx Development Board and is subject to change. Please contact Critical Link if you have any questions.

"Complete" indicates that the interface testing is completed. Additional testing will be performed throughout module production.

Component/Peripheral Comment Status
HPS DDR3 SDRAM Tested with Linux memtester Complete
QSPI Flash Tested using Linux mtd-utils; 16MB, 32MB and 48MB Complete
RTC Confirmed operational utilizing hwclock utility; RTC Information Complete
RTC Battery RTC Information Complete
I2C LED Controller LED Script Info Complete w/Errata
Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor Info Complete
FPGA DDR3 SDRAM Count pattern test; Example script info Complete w/Errata
JTAG JTAG Info Complete
USB OTG PHY Host Complete
USB OTG PHY Peripheral Tested as RNDIS and Mass storage Complete
USB Console Port Complete
SD/MMC Interface Complete
PCIe x4 Interface x2 PCIe to SATA card working with a disk, 140 MB/s throughput; Example Project Complete @ x2 Speed
Full HSMC Interface Loopback testing complete;Working with CameraLink interface; HSMC Card Info Complete
Partial HSMC Interface Loopback testing complete; HSMC Card Info Complete
RGMII1/Gb Ethernet Interface IPERF Throughput Samples Complete
Trace Bus Multiplexing Hardware interface verified Complete
FPGA Config Interface Complete
CAN Ports (2) Complete
SATA Port On-hold

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