Building U-Boot for MitySOM-A10S

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The following steps will rebuild U-Boot and the U-Boot environment for the development kit. Please note that this process expects the FPGA to already be compiled and that the it is being build with a linux computer.

  1. Source the intelFPGA environment
  2. Change into the fpga project directory (For example A10S-P8-A5E-RC-SB)
  3. Run the bsp-editor to generate the Makefile and device tree for U-Boot
    bsp-create-settings \
            --type uboot \
            --bsp-dir software/bootloader \
            --preloader-settings-dir "hps_isw_handoff" \
            --settings software/bootloader/settings.bsp \
            --set uboot.boot_device SDMMC \
            --set uboot.rbf_filename mitysom_a10s.periph.rbf \
            --set uboot.core_rbf_filename "" \
            --set uboot.peripheral_rbf_filename "" \
            --set uboot.model "MitySOM-A10S" 
  4. Download the U-Boot source from Critical Link
    git archive --format=tar.gz --prefix=uboot-socfpga/ --remote=git:// mitysom_a10 > software/bootloader/uboot-socfpga.tar.gz
  5. Build U-Boot
    make -C software/bootloader TGZ=uboot-socfpga.tar.gz SOCFPGA_BOARD_CONFIG=mitysom_a10s_dsc_defconfig
  6. The U-Boot binary will be located in: software/bootloader/uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin
  7. Build the u-boot environment
    software/bootloader/uboot-socfpga/tools/mkenvimage -s 4096 -o ubootenv.bin ubootenv.txt
  8. The U-Boot environment binary will be called ubootenv.bin

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