Programming the eMMC Through U-Boot

This guide describes how to use the A10 Development board to program the eMMC using an the development SD card, with an extra ext2 partition to hold the eMMC image.


  1. Plug in the SD card with your image file and make sure the boot media switch is set to uSD.
  2. Turn on power to the board and when you see the U-Boot countdown ('Hit any key to stop autoboot'), hit a key to break into U-Boot.
  3. Execute the following commands:
    mmc rescan
    ext2load mmc 0:<image-file-partition-number> 0x2000000 <path-to-image-file>

    For example, if the image file were named A10S-P8-A5E-RC-SB.img and in the root of the fourth partition, the above command would be ext2load mmc 0:4 0x2000000 A10S-P8-A5E-RC-SB.img
  4. Switch the boot media switch to eMMC, while keeping the power on, and execute the following commands:
    mmc rescan
    mmc write 0x2000000 0x0 0x200000

    0x200000 is the size of the image in blocks (512byte, with an image size of 1GB)
  5. To boot from eMMC now, leave the boot media switch on eMMC and execute the command:

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