Development Board Schematics and Revision Information


The MitySOM-A10S Development Kit supports Critical Link’s Arria 10 SoC based modules.

The kit comes with a MitySOM-A10S module of your choice and includes a base board that features an array of interfaces and expansion headers such as USB, Debug RS232 to USB Console, FMC Expansion Connector, PCI-e x4 Expansion Header, MMC/SD Card switch and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The schematics are available on this page in a PDF format in order to aid in the development of the interfaces offered.

The table below is chronological and maps the board part number, including Gen 1 and Gen 2, to the schematic and a brief description of the change from the previous revision.

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Altium Design Files: Customers who have purchased the development kit and are designing a custom base board to use the MitySOM-A10S can request the Altium Design Files from Critical Link by e-mailing

Gen 2

Part Number (PCB label) w/ Revision Description Schematic Assembly Drawing PCN/Errata Note
80-001218RI-1A Initial release of Gen 2 PDF PDF N/A N/A
80-001218RI-2A Add 10k resistors in parallel with D703 and D704 N/A N/A N/A Mod Kit see Rev 3A
80-001218RI-3A Adjust FMC mounting holes, transceiver lengths shortened and J300 12V sequenced to POK from SoM PDF PDF N/A R320 should be 100k, not 1k as shown

Gen 1

Part Number (PCB label) w/ Revision Description of Change Schematic Assembly Drawing PCN/Errata Note
80-001127RC-1A Initial release of Gen 1 PDF PDF N/A N/A
80-001127RC-2A Remove R407, connect U702 pin 3 to Q200 pin 1, disconnect R608 and connect to C605 N/A N/A N/A Mod Kit See Rev 3B
80-001127RC-3B Incorporate Rev 2A changes into PCB/A PDF PDF N/A N/A

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