DSP JTAG Debug via CCS

Debug ex02_messageq Example

Here are the steps to debug DSP1 that is part of the ex02_messageq reference that uses IPC to the ARM and utilizes makefiles in order to build. These steps are for linux but with some alterations might work on Windows.

Clone and installed needed library for ex02_messageq example

  1. Clone the reference projects
    git clone
  2. Go into the mitysom-am57x-ref/sw/ex02_messageq directory
  3. Follow the steps in the to install the needed libraries
  4. Also build and run the example as noted in the

Note: At the time this wiki page was created, the file included commands to download version of the Processor SDKs. If you have difficulty obtaining that version of the SDKs, please contact Critical Link at for assistance.

Install and setup Code Composer Studio 10.4

Please following along with this video: am57_dsp_ex02_ccs.mp4

  1. [Timestamp 00:23] Download "Linux single file installer for CCS IDE" from:
  2. [Timestamp 01:28] Extract the tarball
  3. [Timestamp 01:41] Run the installer
  4. [Timestamp 02:18] On the Select Components screen select: Sitara AM3x, AM4x, AM5x, and AM6x MPUs and C6000 Power-Optimized DSP
  5. [Timestamp 03:38] Open CCS once it installs
  6. [Timestamp 03:53] Install the Projects from the RTOS libraries installed for ex02_messageq
  7. [Timestamp 04:51] Add SYS/BIOS to RTSC
  8. [Timestamp 05:19] Import ex02_messageq project, it'll start building automatically
  9. [Timestamp 06:58] Add TI library headers to project, note these are called out in the products.mak file
  10. [Timestamp 10:28] Copy the DSP1 binary to your board
  11. [Timestamp 11:07] You will also need to update the dra7-ipu-dsp-common.dtsi. You will need to remove the watchdog-timers parameter from the dsp1 node so that the ARM won't auto reset to the DSP when you break into via the debugger. This guide doesn't show how to rebuild the device tree, in order to find out how please look here: Linux_Kernel. Please ignore the changes to am57xx-mitysom-baseboard.dtsi.
  12. [Timestamp 11:38] Reboot the SOM and log in, during boot the ARM will start the DSP
  13. [Timestamp 11:54] Run the following command to keep the DSP out of standby: echo on > /sys/bus/platform/devices/40800000.dsp/power/control
  14. [Timestamp 12:03] In CCS add a target configuration file to your project and launch it
  15. [Timestamp 14:05] Connect to DSP1 and load the symbols
  16. [Timestamp 15:00] Set a breakpoint
  17. [Timestamp 15:27] Tell the DSP to run
  18. [Timestamp 15:34] Run the ARM application to the DSP will hit it's break point
  19. [Timestamp 16:04] Setting up the Runtime Object View

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