Example HDMI


The goal of this wiki page is to demonstrate how to verify that the HDMI is working correctly.


  • Plug an HDMI monitor into the HDMI port. It should also work to plug a monitor with a DVI connector and use a cable which converts from HDMI to DVI.


  • After plugging in a monitor and turning on the monitor, reboot the system.

When the system comes up, you should see something like the following on the monitor:

If you plug in a USB mouse and keyboard, you should also be able to click on the different icons displayed on the screen. You can start a simple shell by doing the following:

  • Click on the Arrow pointing to the right in the upper right corner. This goes to the second page of icons.
  • Click on the Settings icon. This shows a number of system type icons.
  • Click on the Terminal icon. This will open a very crude shell.

The shell that is opened is not configured for a particular user so it doesn't have a HOME directory and may not be real useful but it demonstrates that the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are working.


The system is pre-configured to start a simple desktop on an HDMI monitor. This should be present by simply plugging in a monitor and restarting the system.

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