Repositories and Pre-built Images

Source Code Repositories

The following are links to the repositories that Critical Link provides for the kernel, U-Boot, Yocto, and FPGA sample projects.

Type Repo Branch
Kernel;a=summary mitysom-linux-4.19
U-Boot;a=summary processor-sdk-u-boot-2019.01
Yocto Layer;a=summary thud
Example FPGA Projects;a=summary main

Pre-Built Images for the Development Kit

The following is a link to pre-built binaries for the development SD card image for the SOM variants. This will work with the FPGA or non-FPGA variants. It includes the preloader, uboot, and root filesystem.

Description Location
Reference Micro-SD card Image tisdk-rootfs-image

Note: The SD-Card Image requires a 16GB+ sd card.

For flashing the Micro-SD card, we recommend using balenaEtcher. As it will handle unzipping and checking the md5sum for you.

Reference Toolchain Image

The following is a link to the Reference Linux Developer Toolchain based on TI's AM57xx PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX)

Description Location
Reference Linux Developer Toolchain

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