Example - USB Serial Console


This example connects the USB Serial Console port to a host system, powers up the development kit, and provides basic verification that the development kit is working.


  • A micro USB Cable
  • A host system with a USB connection. (Windows or Linux PC)
  • A terminal monitor program such as PuTTY.


  • Plugin the USB cable into the USB-UART connector on the development board and the host system.
  • Plugin the power cable for the development board.
  • Turn the power on
  • Connect Putty to the serial port. You will need to determine which serial port this is on your host PC (Windows or Linux). Something like /dev/ttySx or COM9.
    • Specify the speed as 115200
  • You should see output such as:

  • Login with a user id of 'root'. There is no password.


This completes this initial hands-on example. You now know that the development kit has basic functionality and can be logged into.

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