Heat Spreader Reference Design

Critical Link has created a reference design for heat spreading for the MitySOM-AM57F SOMs. There are two separate designs, one is for SOMs using the AM572x (e.g., AM5728, AM5729, etc.) processors, and one is for the AM574x (e.g., AM5748, AM5749, etc.) processors. The designs are different because the processor chip package is different between the two families of processors. The heat spreaders can be used with the SOMs including (MitySOM-AM57F) or not including (MitySOM-AM57) the Artix-7 FPGA. Information about the heat spreader effectiveness and pictures of the solution can be found on the Power Supply and Heat Dissipation page.

For information regarding the locations of the required mounting holes on your carrier card design to use the reference heat spreaders, please refer to Figure 4 of the MitySOM-AM57F or MitySOM-AM57 Datasheets.

The STEP models and assembly drawing of the heat sinks are summarized in the table below and accessible on the Files tab. You must be logged in with an activated account to access the files tab.

Module STEP Model Assembly Drawing
MitySOM-AM572x MitySOM_AM572x_HeatSpreader_94-900813-3_MECH_RevA.STEP MitySOM_AM572x_HeatSpreader_94-900813-3_MECH_RevA.pdf
MitySOM-AM574x MitySOM_AM574x_HeatSpreader_94-900826-3_MECH_RevA.STEP MitySOM-AM574x_HeatSpreader_94-900826-3_MECH_RevA.pdf

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