Connector Information

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The MitySOM-AM57x modules use the connectors designed to meet the MXM specification as the physical edge connector interface. The main power (5V) input follows the MXM spec, but the rest of the pins should not be considered compatible with the MXM specification.

  • The board to board mating height needs to be typically 3mm +/- 0.3mm, due to the secondary 100-pin Hirose mating height of 3.0mm.
  • The MitySOM Module is compatible with either the 314 loaded contact connectors or the 310 loaded contact connectors.
    • The 4 additional pins are accounted for on the module gold fingers and can be connected, or left as no-connects, on the baseboard MXM footprint. The pin connections on the module are as follows:
      • E1-10 = No Connect
      • E2-10 = No Connect
      • E3-1 = No Connect
      • E4-1 = No Connect
  • Note that pins 278 and 280 on the MitySOM-AM57x modules are required to be separate pins on any connector that is used; most appear to be this way.

Critical Link has used following connectors and can provide Altium footprints upon request:

Manufacturer Part Number Datasheet/Product Page Note
JAE MM70-314B1-2-R300 314 Pin Connector with 314 pins loaded (/) Active JAE MXM Part Number Q3 2021 (3.0mm PCB to SoM height)
JAE MM70-314-310B1-2-R300 Datasheet Drawing (!) Obsolete This is a 0.3uM gold plating thickness (3.0mm PCB to SoM height)
JAE MM70-314-310B1-1-R300 Datasheet Drawing (!) Obsolete This is a 0.1uM gold plating thickness (3.0mm PCB to SoM height)

The following connectors appear to be compatible but have not been used by Critical Link and will need footprint updates/changes compared to our Dev Board.

Please contact your Critical Link account representative for further assistance in confirming compatibility of any connector. ()

Manufacturer Part Number Datasheet/Product Page Note
Aces 91781-314xx-xx-xx 5.2mm (2.7mm PCB to SoM height) Active and Distributed by
Foxconn AS0B826-S55B-7H Contact Avnet 5.5mm (2.7mm PCB to SoM height) Distributed by Avnet

Multi-Manufacturer Compatible Footprint

Critical Link has evaluated the datasheets for each of the 3 manufacturers footprints listed above. It is our belief that a footprint compatible with all 3 manufacturers connectors can be generated thus allow any connector to be used based on availability at any given time. Please contact for additional details including a proposed footprint.

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